Nutrition for Body and Soul


Drink up!

Drink up!

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The Holistic Way

If you can...choose these first!

If you can…choose these first!

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Grass isn’t always greener……..

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Manage your PH levels!

Manage your PH level

Manage your PH level

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Avocado Dressing

Today I decided to throw together a lentil salad with things that I had in the fridge….but rather than just an olive oil and vinegar dressing I got a little more creative! Spying the huge avocado (that a friend brought me) on the counter… (I love avocados)… I cut the avocado in half, threw it in my Nutri-Bullet, then added a quarter of a yellow pepper (I put the rest in the lentil salad) 1 garlic clove, juice from 1 lemon ( I used 1/2 but put the other half in the lentil salad, as I thought it needed more…so use the whole lemon), I then added 3 T. Olive oil, 2 T. Red wine vinegar, a pinch of thyme (since I had it in my garden), sea salt and ground pepper! Yum… ! Then I poured it over the lentil salad!
Moral of the story….experiment! It’s fun!  And,  you’ve heard of Mikey……well….Chris liked it too! ☺️

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Your Kidneys will Thank You!


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Take a Deep Breath!

Deep breath!

As you are looking at this picture I’d like you to take a deep breath…let it out.  Now take another deep breath…..let it out.  One more deep breath….let it out! 

Now…don’t you feel better?

Do you realize that you can actually change how you are feeling just by taking a “Deep Breath!”  So many of us rush through our day taking short and shallow breaths.  When you are relaxed you take deeper breaths.  Breathing is the single most important act that we do every day!  


Also, take in the beauty that surrounds you!  It’s everywhere! xo

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Read and learn!

Read and learn!

Can’t wait to read these so I can offer you even more info!

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Get family involved!

Chris's concoction!

Chris’s concoction!

Just just had to post!  My husband is not the most healthiest eater…. However, now that I am really focused on healthier is rubbing off…whew!  Tonight after I spent a couple of hours on my “Institute for Integrative Nutrition” course, I came out to throw dinner together…. I brought out the red and orange peppers, onion (those always make me cry), and the organic, free range chicken, cilantro, cabbage, tomatoes, etc, he asked, “Can I help with anything..maybe cut those things up for you?”  I said, “Sure!”  I have a hard time relinquishing anything in the kitchen!  So I bit my tongue…and let him do it his way!  He loved it…and really took pride in how it came out, and how he could make it better!  So I say….Get the family involved!  By the way, he makes the best Brussel Sprouts now (Still experimenting..but I love them so far!)

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Which do you prefer??

Which do you prefer??



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Nutrition for Body and Soul


Nutrition for Body and Soul

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