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The Scary S#*t in Halloween Candy

on October 31, 2014

gabrielle pace, x-sugarjunkie

Yeah!!!!  Halloween!  For many it’s the most fun night to go out, dress up and be childish and silly!

For others it’s a time to stay home and hide from amateur drunk people in costumes acting like silly children.

For many Halloween marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!  The beginning of the holiday season.  A time for love, family, gifts and merriment.

For others it marks the beginning of what I like to term the “stuffing trifecta:” a time to eat drink and engage in other random acts of indulgence to stuff down feelings brought about by love, family, gifts and the self-imposed illusion that other people have way more merriment than you.

I love holidays!  As a self-proclaimed junkie I take any excuse to indulge and run with it.   “It’s your brother’s wedding anniversary??  We should celebrate!”

Right around Halloween my head starts saying things like:

“It’s Halloween…

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One response to “The Scary S#*t in Halloween Candy

  1. gabepace says:

    thanks for the reblog! love your site!!


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