Nutrition for Body and Soul

Affirmations to Help You Sleep at Night!

on February 22, 2016

Having trouble getting your zzzz’s!


Give these tips a try!


To start, you’re going to take a few deep breaths to help you relax and be receptive to the benefit of the affirmations. Here we go. 

1. Take a good deep breath through your nose – nice and deep – deeper than that – and gently blow the air out your pursed lips – very slowly – long and drawn out – almost like whistling. 

2. Then do it again – take a deep long breath through your nose – deeper – feel your lower chest swell up with air – and slowly let the air out your pursed lips…

3. And do it one more time – a good deep breath – and let it out slowly through your lips. 

Now feel yourself relaxing as you get ready to speak Affirmations. It’s important to relax now and let the Affirmations do their work for you.

Read more….

Thank you for these tips!

Add a little Lavender to the bottom of your feet and a drop to your pillow too!


Nighty night!

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