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Carbs…why are they looked at as bad?

Carbs…why are they looked at as bad?

Thank you Dr. Plant School of Natural Health and Wellness for this info!!!

There are three forms of caloric energy that our body can use: Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates.

The body has the ability to convert all three of these forms of caloric energy into the molecule glucose. Glucose is the primary molecule that travels through our blood and can be absorbed into the cells, providing the basic energy source to our cells.

If fats, proteins and carbohydrates can all be converted into glucose why are there so many diets focused on avoiding carbohydrates?

The answer is simple…Though they can all be converted to glucose the rate at which they are converted is tremendously different, and since the rate at which they are converted is dramatically different it has a profound impact on the way our body stores fat.

Glucose is a basic sugar, and our body (outside of those with diabetes) makes sure that the sugar level in our blood is maintained within a specific level. If our blood sugar goes up too high our body will release the hormone insulin, which is like a key that opens up our fat cells, allowing the fat cells to absorb the excess sugar that is floating in our blood. If our blood sugar drops too low it will release the glycogen in our liver to spike up our blood sugar to appropriate levels.

Our body will convert carbohydrates into glucose very quickly. In fact, many of the carbohydrates we eat are converted into glucose before it even hits our stomach. To prove this point simply put a saltine cracker in your mouth and let your saliva dissolve it…It will begin to taste sweet. That is because your saliva is breaking down the carbohydrate into the basic glucose molecule.

So, carbohydrates are quickly converted into glucose. This in turn causes a quick spike in your blood sugar levels, thereby causing an insulin release and then fat accumulation.

Now, let’s look at protein. This can also be converted into glucose, but the body will only do this if its immediate glycogen stores are depleted and fats are in short supply. So if your diet is enriched in protein your blood sugar levels will naturally stay lower compared to a diet rich in carbohydrates.

The moral of this story. Avoid carbs, especially simple carbs. They can easily be converted into fat. Unless of course you are burning that sugar quickly, which is a topic for discussion another day.


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Nutrition for Body and Soul


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