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Why does our body pass gas, and what does it mean?

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Why does our body pass gas, and what does it mean?


The average individual passes wind about 14 times a day, generating a volume of something like half a liter every 24 hours…Meaning you could fill a 4 man tent in about three years with your back end expulsions.

–Everyone at this point should be apologizing to their significant others–

With farting being a common term in every male’s vernacular from the age 6+, and it being such a common element of our day; what does it mean to our health?

Flatus, the scientific word for a fart, is caused by intestinal fermentation from a growing gut flora (intestinal bacteria) in your stomach and intestine.

There are 10x as many gut flora living inside our intestine than cells in our body. That means, as per cell count, we are more bacteria than human.

Our gut flora population is correlated with our health in numerous aspects, including our: emotional health, metabolism, blood sugar levels, mood, and weight.

As we nourish our intestinal flora with PRE-biotics, the diverse ecosystem of intestinal bacteria living in our gut begins to grow and evolve into the ideal population our body desires. The changing and growing gut flora population with the introduction of daily PRE-biotics causes an increase in fermentation, and thereby in the frequency of passing gas.

Interestingly, as you increase your daily PRE-biotics your intestinal flora will eventually get to a balanced level, therefore the fermentation rate will decrease, and gas will be less prevalent. The presence of gas with the introduction of a PRE-biotic is your body’s way of saying it was starving to nourish it’s friendly ally of intestinal bacteria.

The simple fact is that farting is generally a good indicator of a healthy gut. When your gut bacteria are doing their work and being nourished, the inevitable side-effect is gastrointestinal gas.


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Nutrition for Body and Soul


Nutrition for Body and Soul

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