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What does your Reset Button look like?

I don’t know about you , but I certainly need to hit the reset button on a weekly basis!  What is your way of releasing stress and giving your body the Reset it needs?!  One of my fav’s is to get out into the outdoors…out into nature.  Look at the beauty that surrounds us, and take deep breaths.  Hiking is at the top of my list!  Great exercise too.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, so spur of the moment, we packed a lunch and set out on this hike.  We are very blessed to have these wonderful spots to explore right in our backyard!


Another Wonderful Weekend….Nature Gave All of this To Us For Free!

Wow!  The weather couldn’t be better…Holy Moly, I love this!  We are so blessed to have all of this right out our backdoor!  It is only up to us to get out there and enjoy it!  Yesterday we took the Los Robles Trail from the end of Moorpark Road to Los Padres… Lead us to a meadow of beautiful old oak trees.  Absolutely amazing!

IMG_4903 _MG_2 _MG_3779

TODAY…. we took the Lang Ranch Open Space Trail  What an awesome area to explore!  Wildflowers, birds, luckily no snakes!

IMG_4907 IMG_4904 _MG_3836 _MG_3834 _MG_3826 _MG_3820 _MG_3804 _MG_3802 _MG_3798 _MG_3793

Photos courtesy of Chris Walling!!! My Partner in crime!

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To Fall or Not To Fall

If you know that you have waterfalls right out your backdoor….

Wouldn’t you get off the couch to explore!!

I grabbed my husband, Chris Walling..

And..told him nature is calling! ;))

So off we went to Newbury Park..

Where we could check out all the burnt bark..


The grass is so green, the trail we did follow..

The surroundings so awesome, so easy to swallow..

We made it to the Falls, a trickle we did see..


I’m so glad I talked him into going with me!


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Where Did Your Feet Take You Today??

My feet took me to the Palo Comado Trail today!

Remember……it’s NOT about the FEET…It’s the journey on which your FEET take you!


We entered through the Smoketree gate!


OMG…everything is so lushiously green! It was a beauteous day!  The warm sun at our backs!  Soaking up a little vitamin D!

At the “T” we went left…towards Modelo Trail! We followed the trail approx. 2 miles, didn’t see a loop, so turned around and followed our path back..  Definitely have more exploring to do!



How many of you take time to create Harmony in your lives by being one with nature.. it is so good for your Health!?  By venturing out your back door,  getting close to nature..taking deep breaths..and soaking in the sights around you, you will be doing something for your soul!  It will clear your mind and give you a fresh outlook on life!  So when you get off work…even if it’s only for 15 minutes…get out and walk..take a deep breath and look around you!  Find something to make you smile!

unnamed 2 unnamed 3 unnamedIMG_4831


This could be right in your own back yard!

unnamed 3

Time to find Your Health Harmony!! xo

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Explore Beyond Your Backyard!!

Today we explored Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks, California!!  It’s right out our back-door!!  We are so very fortunate to be surrounded by all of these beautiful natural areas!  What’s out your back-door!  Are you taking advantage of it?  Stop to smell the wildflowers!! We had 360 degree views!  WOW! IMG_4790 IMG_4763 IMG_4789 IMG_4792 IMG_4794 IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4803 IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4812 IMG_4813 The falls were were blooming..grass was!  What a beauteous afternoon with two good friends!! I know…you’re saying, “I’m stuck at work, and you are out doing these awesome things, I don’t have the time!”  Welllll… do you have weekends off?  You can do the same thing!!  You just have to get off the couch and “DO IT!” It’s time to look out your back door and explore!

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