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A Nighttime Ritual For Deep, Restful Sleep

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A Nighttime Ritual For Deep, Restful Sleep!

Smell something nice.

Inhaling serene scents is a great way to ensure a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. Evidence suggests certain aromas may actually reduce blood pressure and heart rate, creating a calming effect in the body. Mist this sedating scent around your room, over your pillow and even on your body for a soothing bedtime ritual:

½ ounce of Rose Hydrosol
½ ounce distilled water
4 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

4 drops Patchouli essential oil

cart_177083PATCHOULI Pogostemon cablin

The Patchouli plant originated in Indonesia and comes from the Labiatae, or mint, family. Patchouli possesses a scent that was made widely popular in the 1960s, as it is often associated with grounding and relaxing meditation. Patchouli essential oil, which contains many beneficial constituents, is also found in various romantic blends. BENEFITS When used aromatically, Améo Patchouli oil provides a serene sense of clarity and helps release negative thoughts. It also promotes normal digestion and normal intestinal function. When used topically, Améo Patchouli oil relieve in minor skin irritations and aid in skin restoration. Note: Améo Patchouli oil should be used for aromatic, topical, and dietary supplement use only. If pregnant or under the care of a physician, consult your medical practitioner prior to use. Améo Patchouli oil is considered generally safe for use with children aged 2 and above. If any reaction or adverse effect occurs, discontinue SUGGESTED USES • Diffuse Patchouli oil in an Améo diffuser for a sense of clarity and encouraging thoughts • Apply a few drops of Patchouli oil topically as needed to minor skin irritations to aid in restoration • Add 1-2 drops of Patchouli oil to your normal face cleanser, or apply directly to the skin, to help clear minor blemishes • Rub 3-5 drops of Patchouli oil onto the abdomen to promote normal digestion

8 drops Sandalwood essential oil

Combine the ingredients into a 1 oz misting bottle. Shake gently before misting.

Sweet dreams!

For more tips on a restful nights sleep read the rest of the article here!

For more info on Améo oils…click here!

Why Améo????  Watch this..

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