Nutrition for Body and Soul

Why do people feel so much younger from consuming true Moringa oleifera? This is a big reason why.


The Moringa that is found online and in health food stores is either powder capsules or powders meant to mix with smoothies and other foods.

They are comprised of using dried and crushed leaves. While this is still better than nothing. Getting the complete nutritional benefit of Moringa comes from more than just the leaf.

Zija International has gone to great lengths to ensure that their proprietary blend uses the leaf, the seed cake, and the seed pod. All of these provide different core nutrients.

In addition to using various parts of the plant, Zija also shade dries their raw materials. This ensures that none of the components lose their enzymatic activity or bio-availability.

Zija also uses various age groups of the plant. Juvenile, adolescent, and mature plants. They discovered that the nutrient profiles were different at the various age groups.

Last but not least they studied the 58 species of Moringa from various countries and regions around the world. They found that the most nutrient dense hailed from India at the best of the Himalayas.

Given the nutritional profile of Zija’s Moringa the daily cost of this complete daily nutritional supplement is just about $3.00 a day.

**Through a promo the company is having, I have been issued some special Access Codes to share. You can try out the products that we use for ONLY $40 (which includes your enrollment fee AND shipping). The enrollment fee is for a wholesale membership, good for a year. Gives you 25% off of everything.

These are all natural, plant based products.

Here’s what you get for $40:

4 packs of Zija’s Supermix (Moringa Oleifera)

4 packs of Zija’s new all plant based protein (chocolate)

8 XMburn caps (energy throughout the day)

4 XM3 caps (appetite suppressant)

4 Premium teas for detoxing the body

A 25% off coupon on the XM3

I have a limited number of these Access Codes/Coupons ($40 kits) and they expire shortly.   …So contact me if this sounds interesting… and I can get you more info!!!

Great video to watch on Moringa Oleifera!

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The Typical American Diet is Killing Us!!!

Only YOU can take charge of your health!

Thank you Dr. Plant School of Natural Health and Wellness for this awareness!!

The typical American diet is killing us:
These two graphs sum it up.
Point 1: We are outsourcing our diet, and therefore our health, to the fast food, restaurant and school systems.
Point 2: Because we are outsourcing our health to industries that are more intrigued to their bottom line than our health we are being force fed a silk scarf poison…(it may taste and feel good, but it is slowly entangling us and killing us).
We need to embrace the ‪#‎NaturalHealthRevolution‬ and take back control of our lives. There is no greater flag in this revolution than the miracle botanical of Moringa oleifera, the most nutrient potent botanical on earth. Be sure to dial into the monumental call on Nov. 24 to learn more about this botanical.
Let’s commit to change. Let’s commit to a new lifestyle. Let’s commit to the Natural Health Revolution and taking back control  of our lives!

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If you would like to tune into the call… contact me for the number!

For more on Moringa, watch this… Moringa Oleifera … Also visit

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Nutrition for Body and Soul


Nutrition for Body and Soul

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