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What does your Reset Button look like?

I don’t know about you , but I certainly need to hit the reset button on a weekly basis!  What is your way of releasing stress and giving your body the Reset it needs?!  One of my fav’s is to get out into the outdoors…out into nature.  Look at the beauty that surrounds us, and take deep breaths.  Hiking is at the top of my list!  Great exercise too.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, so spur of the moment, we packed a lunch and set out on this hike.  We are very blessed to have these wonderful spots to explore right in our backyard!


It’s the Weekend….Take a Deep Breath!!



Sorry this isn’t smellavision!!

Stress Control Blend

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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You’re in Charge of YOU!


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Affirmations to Help You Sleep at Night!

Having trouble getting your zzzz’s!


Give these tips a try!


To start, you’re going to take a few deep breaths to help you relax and be receptive to the benefit of the affirmations. Here we go. 

1. Take a good deep breath through your nose – nice and deep – deeper than that – and gently blow the air out your pursed lips – very slowly – long and drawn out – almost like whistling. 

2. Then do it again – take a deep long breath through your nose – deeper – feel your lower chest swell up with air – and slowly let the air out your pursed lips…

3. And do it one more time – a good deep breath – and let it out slowly through your lips. 

Now feel yourself relaxing as you get ready to speak Affirmations. It’s important to relax now and let the Affirmations do their work for you.

Read more….

Thank you for these tips!

Add a little Lavender to the bottom of your feet and a drop to your pillow too!


Nighty night!

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What Do You See?


As I went to cross the street this morning, on my way to work, the Crossing Guard handed me the most perfect dandelion!  I made a wish!  How fun.  Hadn’t done that in awhile!  What would you do?

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Breathe in…Breathe out! Relax

Thank you to whoever posted this!!!


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What Do You Do When The Boys Are Watching Baseball!?!?!?

What do you do when the boys are watching baseball?  Well, you go for a hike of course!!!  Beautiful evening yesterday.  Cooled off a bit, great sunset, long-time friends, yummy dinner…..what more could you ask for!  Great way to end the weekend!

IMG_1063 IMG_1064 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1069

We were very surprised to still see water at the falls!

Enjoy the beauty around you!

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Where Did Your Feet Take You Today??

My feet took me to the Palo Comado Trail today!

Remember……it’s NOT about the FEET…It’s the journey on which your FEET take you!


We entered through the Smoketree gate!


OMG…everything is so lushiously green! It was a beauteous day!  The warm sun at our backs!  Soaking up a little vitamin D!

At the “T” we went left…towards Modelo Trail! We followed the trail approx. 2 miles, didn’t see a loop, so turned around and followed our path back..  Definitely have more exploring to do!



How many of you take time to create Harmony in your lives by being one with nature.. it is so good for your Health!?  By venturing out your back door,  getting close to nature..taking deep breaths..and soaking in the sights around you, you will be doing something for your soul!  It will clear your mind and give you a fresh outlook on life!  So when you get off work…even if it’s only for 15 minutes…get out and walk..take a deep breath and look around you!  Find something to make you smile!

unnamed 2 unnamed 3 unnamedIMG_4831


This could be right in your own back yard!

unnamed 3

Time to find Your Health Harmony!! xo

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Breathe in the Beauty Around You!

Today two of my girlfriends and I explored the Satwiwa Loop Trail in Newbury Park!  OMG….it was absolutely beauteous!!  We finally have lush green hills!  We hiked up and down approximately 4.6 miles exploring the well-marked trails!  Watched two hawks with their amazing grace and wings spread gliding in the thermals!  Still so much to see!  We get so caught up in our day to day lives and routines and never venture out to see the beauty around us!  We are having so much fun getting out once or twice a week to explore all that we have right out our front door!  Do you ever get off the couch to take a deep breath and really, really enjoy the beauty that surrounds you?!  You should!IMG_4763

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